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NPC USA’s Prep: 18 Weeks Out

Hello to all of my incredible friends! Welcome back to my NPC Prep Diary! I initially wasn’t going to do this again for the 2017 season, for two reasons. First, because bodybuilding isn’t the same as living a “fit & healthy lifestyle”. It’s an extreme, and I don’t want to send the wrong message to anyone that doesn’t compete. Secondly, I didn’t know anyone really enjoyed these weekly updates. I threw up the question on my Instagram and received an overwhelming “yes, please do a prep diary”.

The goal this year? To win my IFBB Pro Card. Aggressive, but I find that if I publicly state my goals, it forces me to stretch & push myself.

So, here I sit at 18 weeks out from the pro-qualifier show NPC USA Championship in Las Vegas. And GIRL DO I FEEL THICK.
(Thick compared to where I need to be on stage, not in terms of a normal human woman. Because let’s be honest, any and all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and I feel just as confident at this weight as I do as a muscle-skeleton on stage).
Remember how last year I reverse-dieted perfectly, getting even leaner than I was on stage for my wedding, and then started competition season about 15 lbs over my stage weight? Well NOT THIS YEAR. My Hashimoto’s Disease took a weird turn last summer, and my thyroid lost a significant amount of its functionality (meaning: it died some more). I should have been on a much higher dose of my medication. So, in a short amount of time, I put on quite a bit of weight. This paired with some binge eating I was dealing with immediately after my 2016 season ended, and I’m sitting at about 180lbs (gentle reminder that my stage weight is about 146-150lbs). I’ve got work to do.

There are also a few other things going on in my (and Kevin’s) life right now. We’ve been building a house since December, which is wonderful and exciting on one hand, and miserable and stressful on the other. But we’re almost to the finish line and close & move in April. Exciting, but I’m ready for my nightly stress-dreams to be over.

M E A L SMeals this week are nice and easy. Right now I need as little additional stress in my life as possible, which includes creative meal planning. So, bro-meals it is.

Lunches are shredded chicken with a BBQ dry rub seasoning, roasted golden potatoes, and steamed green beans. The chicken was cooked in chicken stock in a crock pot, shredded, and then put under the broiler on a sheet pan for a few minutes to “crisp up” the ends.

IMG_5074 - meal prep 1

If you’re an OG reader, you remember that I also used to show off my weekly “treats” I’d buy at the grocery store to fit into my macros for the week. Well, we have a new game called “spend the least amount of money as possible on groceries, so we can put as much down on our house as possible”. So I’m afraid my treats are either cheddar rice cakes or a Square bar (Discount code “6ftfit” gets you 20% off! I don’t get commission, Square Organics are just really great, generous people!)

M E A L S (1)

If you look back to the start of my prep last year, training is almost exactly the same, only a little less cardio. My coach creates all of my training programming, and this year has really focused on what judges are looking for in a bikini athlete. Actual exercises are different (hint: I haven’t squatted for almost a year), but the training split remains the same. A typical week looks like:
Monday:  Shoulders & Arms Hypertrophy
Tuesday:  Rest/Cardio Only
Wednesday:  Power Upper Body Day
Thursday:  Power Leg Day
Friday: Rest/Cardio Only
Saturday  Upper Body Hypertrophy
 Lower Body Hypertrophy

Cardio has been slightly increased to two 20 min steady state sessions, and one 20 minute HIIT session.

Cheers to the start of another great competition season while juggling building a house, moving, daily work life, and trying to shed as many pounds as possible between now and July. While it’s sometimes overwhelming, I feel so blessed & highly favored, keeping one of my favorite Christine Caine quotes top of mind: “Favor is for purpose, not status.” 


2016 NPC Flex Lewis Classic: Show Recap!

I wrapped up my 2016 season with the Flex Lewis Classic here in Nashville, TN. This was my favorite show that I competed in last year, and I was looking forward to it being my finale. I definitely brought my best physique and overall look to this show – I think bright red is officially “my color”!


Competitors fly in from around the country (and world) to compete in the Flex Lewis Classic, and this was the first year it was a Pro/Am show as well (meaning IFBB Pros competed as as well as the NPC amateurs). The quality of competitors at this show was nearly the same level as a National show – everyone looked incredible! It also was a treat for both Kevin and my parents to be able to be there for the entire show this time!

bik f pre_02


Prejudging went really quickly because they skipped individual routines. With 400 competitors, they wanted to save as much time as possible. Unfortunately, this meant that we went on stage much earlier than usual (like, 3 hours earlier), and my meal timing was totally off. I missed my last meal, and ended up scarfing down a Reese’s cup and rice cake in order to try and pump up 15 minutes before I stepped on stage. I ended up being a little less “full” than I’d like because of it, but at least I made it on stage! There were several girls that completely missed Prejudging and were disqualified because of the unexpected early stage time.



Even though I was moved into the center spot immediately during Prejudging, I ended up taking 2nd place in Open Bikini Class F.

FLC Collage

I have to admit, I was disappointed and had really hoped for another 1st place win! My coach and family were a little disappointed as well, but I had to put it into perspective! Last year I was SHOCKED and grateful to place 3rd at this show. I had done terribly last season and it was a near miracle that I finally placed last year. This year, I won Battle at the River, I placed at my very first National show, and now I came in a close 2nd in a stacked class.

The improvements I had made from 2015 to 2016 were incredible, and it was almost hilarious that compared to last year, I was upset at the fact that I placed 2nd at Flex Lewis Classic.

bik f trophy_1

One of the best parts of this show was getting to meet and hang out with so many incredible friends, and a lot of other local girls. I finally was able to meet girls that I’ve followed and known through social media, which was a lot of fun! I also had two teammates travel to compete in this show, so there was some great Team Pro Physique camaraderie as well!


What’s Next?

After 22 weeks of prep,I am entering a well-deserved “growing season”. I’ll be taking the feedback I received from the judges and my coach this year to make improvements and add some muscle to my frame for next year. My 2017 season will be focused on National NPC shows, competing for my IFBB Pro Card. Until then, I’m excited to reverse diet, enjoy a glass of wine, and lift some heavy weight!


NPC National Debut: Team Universe Recap!


This weekend I traveled to Teaneck, New Jersey to compete in my first National NPC competition. These shows are where bodybuilders compete for their “Pro Cards” to become an IFBB Pro. Being a National-level competitor also opens a lot of doors in terms of exposure in the sport & opportunities for affiliations and sponsorships.

For each class, they place #1-15. Anything after 15th place received a 16th place finish. I’m so happy to say that I placed 15th in a class of insanely amazing looking girls! It’s such an honor to place at my National debit, among the best of the best.



Wednesday was travel day for me. I had my (overweight) checked bag, my IsoBag with a week’s worth of food, and a carry-on with everything I would need to compete (suit, heels, extensions, etc), just in case they lost my luggage. I had a lot of anxiety going through security, just because the TSA has supposedly started cracking down in light of the recent terror attacks. To my surprise, they didn’t give my meal bag a second glance, and I passed through the scanner & X-Ray in about 30 seconds!


I flew into LaGuardia (that’s…an experience) and took an Uber to the hotel in New Jersey. The rooms at the Teaneck Marriott are newly renovated and gorgeous. There were two things that had to be done before anything else once I arrived:

1. Unpack all my prepped food into the mini fridge.

prepped food

I spent hours cooking, weighing, packaging, repackaging, and freezing my food for this week. I track everything, including sodium, during Peak Week, so I couldn’t leave this up to a restaurant or hotel room service. Plus, I saved a boatload of money bringing my own meals. (Wine, chips, and FitCrunch bars are for my husband – not part of my Peak Week diet).

The hotel room had a refrigerator, but no microwave. They had a “microwave room” once the competition began, but I needed something for Wednesday & Thursday to heat my food. I found this adorably tiny Mini George Foreman grill at Target (I think around $15) and packed it in my checked bag. It worked perfectly to heat up all of my prepped food – even the potatoes & rice!


2. Re-make my bed with black sheets. 

This is to prevent any damage from the spray tan. Trust me, they will fine you if you ruin the hotel’s towels and linens.

After these two things were done, I ate my lunch, did some cardio, then started prepping for my tan. Pro Tan are the tanners for most National-level shows, and they suggest coming to your first spray with a base coat on. So I exfoliated, shaved, and buffed on my first coat of tan. It was surprisingly easy to apply!
tan collage



Thursday morning I sent check-in photos to my coach Paul and got fantastic feedback from him. I think we both were surprised by how much change was able to happen in three short weeks.

Nationals 1 Day Out

After I sent him my email, I headed down to the hotel gym (which actually is a full spa/fitness center) for a quick 20 minute circuit workout followed by 20 minutes of cardio.

Competitor check-ins started at 1pm, so I basically straighted my extensions, ate, did a little posing practice, and slothed around until I went downstairs to get my height measured & my competitor number (they measured me at 6′ 3/4″…false. I’m 6′ even.)


I also counted down the hours until Kevin would arrive – I missed being with him so much! He really helps calm my nerves on show days. He finally arrived late Thursday night.


Friday: Prejudging

Women’s Prejudging started at 2pm on Friday. Even though it was only women, it was still a long day. Bikini didn’t step on stage until around 8 or 9pm.

instagram suit

Backstage at a bodybuilding competition is far from glamorous. There’s a lot of waiting, laying around, eating tiny meals to fill out, and talking about what treats you’re going to have after the show is over. The walls are also usually covered in plastic so the competitors don’t get their tans on everything.

JM Manion captured me in my sweats eating deli turkey out of a plastic baggie while another girl naps next to me. Now that’s an accurate view of what these events are like for the competitors!!


I ended up getting third call-outs (meaning I was in the third group of girls they called out of the group to compare & judge). Everyone wants “first call-outs” – they call the top girls first. I was a little bummed, but I knew I could still make top 15, and also – this was my first National show. I’m starting from the bottom again in terms of making a name for myself on the National circuit. And truthfully, there’s not much I would change about my presentation & physique. I am so pleased with the look I brought to the stage, and that’s all I could ask for!



Saturday: Finals

Finals started at 5pm but I didn’t step on stage until around midnight – another long day full of waiting. Kevin and I stayed up in our hotel room until we knew my class was coming up. If you don’t make Top 5, you literally walk to the middle of the stage, hit a 5 second front pose as they say your name, and walk off stage. Was it worth going back knowing that I didn’t place? ABSOLUTELY! In my opinion, if you worked this hard to make it to Nationals, you should seize every moment of stage time. You may be noticed by someone that matters, or you may be seen as a poor sport if you don’t walk! So, I took my final 5 seconds of fame on stage.

With all the nearby restaurants & hotel dining closed, Kevin and I took a Lyft to a 24 hour diner in Hackensack, New Jersey to finally have dinner and celebrate my National debut.

instagram treat yoself

Speaking of Kevin, he’s the best Stage Husband ever. He records video of my posing at every show, and each time I can hear him yelling encouragement, or my number out loud for the judges. He gets my mind right, keeps me focused, and makes sure that I feel confident and have a winning attitude before I step on stage. I’m so lucky that he not only supports my interest in bodybuilding, but travels with me to be by my side at each competition.


One of the great things about competing at the National level is meeting girls from all over the country. I was so inspired by the incredible caliber of competitors, it gave me the itch to keep competing at the National level. I can now say that I am “Pro-Card Hungry”.



If money wasn’t a factor, I would probably try to do USAs or North American’s this year, but I’m also getting tired of being on prep. I have the Flex Lewis Classic coming up on July 16th, after which I think I need a short off season to grow a little and come up with a proper game plan with my coach.

Until then, I’m just reflecting on how blessed I feel after this past weekend in New Jersey, and excited to finish my summer season strong at home in Nashville at the Flex Lewis Classic!



NPC Nationals Prep: 2 Weeks Out

At 2 weeks out from my first National show, I finally got to have a Skype session with my posing coach, IFBB Pro Laurin Conlin. She helps out with the female competitors stage presentation for my team, Team Pro Physique. My posing has always been something I struggled with, and a few tweaks and tips from Laurin really made noticeable improvements!

I’m also continuing to lean out, and have added some temporary double-cardio to lean out my stubborn thighs. Last week I weighed 149.4 lbs. This week I checked in at 148.0lbs.

2 Weeks Out

Nationals 1.5 Weeks Out


Meals this week are 99% lean ground turkey seasoned with garlic, onion, and crushed red pepper, mushrooms, and broccoli. Dinners will be grilled chicken salads over spinach with a ton of veggies.


I also made Kevin Hasselback potatoes. While they’re not for me, can we just take a moment to talk about how absolutely beautiful they are?

M E A L S (1)

I’m back to my normal power-lifting based training this week. The only change has been the addition of double-cardio, which I mentioned above. I still train and do my normal cardio in the morning, and hop on a stationary bike for about 30 minutes in the evening.

I have to admit, I’m getting nervous about Team Universe. NPC Junior Nationals was this weekend in Chicago, and there are some fantastic looking tall girls competing for their pro cards this year.

Kevin reminded me that I can’t compare myself to anyone else, and just focus on bringing my own personal best. He’s been giving the absolute best pep talks lately, and I couldn’t love him more for them.


2016 NPC Battle At The River: Show Recap!

Well guys, the countdown to my first NPC Bikini competition of the year is now over. Kevin & I drove to Chattanooga, TN for the 2016 NPC Battle at the River National Qualifier. I competed in Open Bikini F and…

I Won!



I am OVER THE MOON and so overwhelmed with all of the love & congratulations I’ve been receiving from family, friends, teammates and complete strangers. Thank you for following my journey, and than you for believing in me. I truly began preparing for this season last July after I stepped off stage from the Flex Lewis Classic. That week I began working with Paul Revelia to reverse diet & build muscle. Nearly 12 months later, the hard work paid off.

Peak week was a dream come true. While I can’t share everything with you all (that’s what people pay Paul for!), I can say that it includes LOTS of carbs, LOTS of water, and some fun, “bodybuilder style” workouts that I really enjoyed!

Favorite Peak Week Meal #1: Chicken, a little salt, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, bananas, and peanut butter! (It sounds weird but it will change your life it’s so good).

Favorite Peak Week Meal #2: Rice, chicken, zucchini, mushrooms, asparagus, and soy sauce. IMG_1558

Needless to say I ate well all the way through the end of this prep. I did cut all veggies out after Thursday to avoid any bloat from the fiber or extra gut fill.

Friday evening was check-ins for the competitors, and I spray tanned at 7:30pm. The spray tan was a bit of a disaster this time – all of the competitors had a hard time getting it to dry, and most of us turned out green or muddy. Luckily they were able to fix it in the morning before prejudging.


Regional NPC competitions are split into two parts: “Prejudging” in the morning, and the “Night Show” in the evening. The judges do their actual “judging” during the morning Prejudging. This is where the placings are determined – they call-out the Top 5 competitors in each height class, compare them, have them walk back and forth & pose until their decision is made. The closer to the middle of the line-up they move you, the better you’re going to place.


PicMonkey Collage

I went out, did my individual posing routine, and stepped back into line. And…they didn’t move us at all. “Thank you ladies, we’ll see you tonight!”. I had no idea how I had placed after Prejudging. Little did I know that Kevin was in cahoots with my parents. If I was going to place, they were planning on driving to Chattanooga to surprise me for the Night Show! So, not knowing exactly how I did, but that I would be getting a trophy, they drove down to spend the evening crossing their fingers that I made at least Top 3.

Night Show

I always have so much more fun at finals versus prejudging. All of the stress and hard work is over, and finals serves as one last chance to have fun on stage and hopefully get some hardware!

Having both Kevin and now my parents in the crowd, the three people that have supported me through ever single competition, made this win even more special.

After the class winners were announced, it was time to fight for the Overall win. “Overall” is where all the 1st place winners compete – it’s like the #1 of the #1’s.

IMG_8226 (1024x683) IMG_8228 (1024x683)

I did not win Overall – the lovely girl in the pink/red suit 4th from the right did! It was a tough lineup, and it was seriously just an honor to be on stage fighting for the title.

What’s Next?

I’ve hopped right back into prep for my National debut! We’re getting a little aggressive these next three weeks to get “national-level lean” and bring my absolute best to Team Universe in New Jersey.


I’ll be wearing my ol’ faithful blue bikini, but with a new & improved physique. Top 2 in each height class win their IFBB Pro card, which would be a dream come true. Right now my goal is to just make first call-outs. Anything past that would just be icing on an already very perfect cake :)

Onto the next competition!


NPC Nationals Prep: 3 Weeks Out

Battle At The River was my “warm up” show this year. I’m thrilled that I won my class, and now am Nationally Qualified through 2017. However, the ultimate goal of this year’s competition season was to focus on national-level shows and compete for my pro card.

In 2 weeks I’m headed to New Jersey for NPC Universe, a national pro-qualifier show. So just as quickly as my first show was over, prep starts again!

At the start of Peak Week for Battle at the River, I weighed 151.4lbs. This morning I checked in at 149.4lbs. I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen the number “4” after the “1” before. Ever. So, this is the leanest I’ve ever been.

3 Weeks Out

Nationals 2 weeks out

Based on the stage photos from this past weekend, the goal in these next two weeks is to bring out a little more detail in the front of my legs. While you can’t spot-reduce fat, reducing overall body fat a little more should bring out a few more cuts in my legs.

Oh, and I got this beautiful new suit from Katkinis. They run fantastic sales often, so I got an amazing deal on this fully-encrusted suit! I LOVE my navy one, but I’m thinking this has to be my national debut suit.



Lunches this week are my version of a naked burrito, or burrito bowl. Black beans, fajita green peppers, red onions, seasoned lean ground beef, and Taco Bell Fire Sauce. I’m going to pay the rest of my meals by ear depending on what adjustments my coach decides to make in my macros. He said we’ll get “aggressive”, so I’m assuming I’ll be temporarily low carb.


M E A L S (1)

Training is back to being HEAVY this week! I just had my power leg day this morning and I felt really nice and strong. Since Peak Week (and the couple days off after the show) served as a “deload week”, my body really got a chance to recover. I’m assuming I’ll be adding a little extra cardio these next couple weeks, but we’ll see.

I will be posting a full recap of my competition weekend shortly. I can’t wait to share the experience of my first win! I can’t thank you all enough for your love, support, well-wishes, and congratulations these past few days. It’s been truly overwhelming, and extremely motivating heading into my first national show!

Time to fight for a pro card!


NPC Bikini Prep: 1 Week Out

Peak Week is here!!!

What is peak week? It’s essentially a week (or more, in my case) of gently manipulating training, carbs, sodium, and water to ensure you look your absolute best, or your “peak”, on show day.

The pictures below are from 10 days out, as my “peak week” began last Thursday. I don’t need to send check-in photos until the Friday morning before my show, but for a slightly more recent physique update, see my peak week posing practice!

I’ve been steadily continuing to lose weight. Last check-in I weighed 152.8 lbs. This morning, Sunday, I weighed 151.4 lbs.

1 Week Out

10 Days Out

This prep has been by far the easiest prep I’ve ever done. It was long, but because it was “slow and steady” I never truly felt like I was having to push myself too hard. Two consecutive refeeds each week also were pretty incredible, and I had great results implementing them. I also never lost any strength, even though I lost nearly 20lbs of body weight!



Meals this week are basic. Chicken, sweet potato, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, oats, and of course, my nightly protein waffles. These are all foods that I know I digest well, and I can easily control the macros and sodium of each.

Saturday and Sunday I had my two “low carb” days going into peak week (which is hilarious since I still had almost 100g of carbs). Monday and Tuesday will be carb-loading days. I’ll post what my meals are for high-carb days later in the week.

What does a typical “low carb” day at one week out look like for a flexible dieter? Here’s a full day of eating from this weekend!

FDOE: Low Carb Day

Breakfast: Sweet potato & green pepper hash with scrambled egg whites and one sunny-side up egg on top.

Lunch: Chopped grilled asparagus & grilled chicken with low sodium soy sauce.fdoe3

Snack: One packet of Maple & Brown Sugar OatFit oats topped with D’s Naturals S’mores spread.fdoe2

Dinner: Spinach (170 grams of spinach – yes that’s a metal mixing bowl), tossed with lemon juice, with grilled chicken, fat free cheddar cheese, salsa, and guacamole.fdoe5

Nightcap: Chocolate whey protein waffles with melted natural peanut butter & Walden Farms syrup.fdoe4


M E A L S (1)

This week is smooth sailing when it comes to training. I’ll be following a more typical “bodybuilding” split during the beginning of peak week, and then just moderate/light circuit training as I approach the weekend. Training is really meant to shuttle glycogen and tighten things up at this point rather than push myself to soreness.


I’m feeling good, and regardless of what happens this weekend, I know I’m bringing my best ever. As my coach said, this year is going to be a “physique PR”!


NPC Bikini Prep: Posing Practice

Forever my weak point, I’ve been working on a new posing routine this year. It still needs work, but here’s a sneak peak of this morning’s practice at 6 days out from my first show of the season (excuse the sleepy morning face :) ).

This is the second of my two low carb “depletion days” of peak week, so I’m feeling a little flat, but I should fill out & tighten up after my carb-load later in the week. Either way, I’m very excited to step on stage next weekend!


NPC Bikini Prep: 2 Weeks Out

I’m finally fully-recovered from my sinus infection and dropping any bloating and water retention from my round of antibiotics. Since I’m so close to show time, my coach is having me check in on different days than usual, and adjusting my cardio and diet as needed.

Last week on my Thursday check-in I weighed 153.5 lbs. Coach had me check-in early this week on Tuesday, where I weighed in at 152.8 lbs. I check in again tomorrow after my two consecutive refeed days.

2 Weeks Out

2 weeks out

While I’m excited with how things are coming together, I’m hitting the point of doubt. I’m the leanest I’ve ever been, but I still don’t feel lean enough. I’m super pleased with my new posing routine, but I don’t feel like it’s good enough. I need to kick the doubt out of my mind and replace it with visions of myself getting that first place trophy!

I mentioned above that I’ve never been this lean before. This means that I’ve never actually seen my abs before (seriously). They’ve finally popped out this week, and I had to laugh out loud! Turns out, I have wonky-shaped, slanted, uneven abs! Definitely not the symmetrical, blocky 6-pack you see in fitness magazines! This goes to show that no matter how hard you work, there are some things that are always going to be based solely on genetics. And that’s okay and wonderful and what makes us each unique and fascinating!



I’m expecting for my macros to change after I check in tomorrow (Monday), so I didn’t prepare my typical pre-packed five days of food. I grilled a few pounds of chicken breast and asparagus at my parent’s house during their Memorial Day cookout, and roasted a few sweet potatoes today to have on hand for a carb source. I’m going to be keeping my foods as simple as possible these next couple weeks, limiting myself to foods I know I digest easily. I did pack one meal for tomorrow – grilled chicken breast, grilled asparagus, and roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon and peanut butter.

meals 5.24

That being said, I still had my usual two consecutive refeeds this weekend. I had a coupon for a free doughnut, so I picked up a very festive post-workout doughnut. I could practically feel the glycogen filling my muscles :)


After check-ins tomorrow, I’m expecting this week to be a depletion week (low carb), followed by a carb-load (high carb) during peak week. We’ll see if I’m right!

M E A L S (1)

I mentioned my concerns last week to my coach in regard to hitting new PR numbers with noticeably declining strength. He made the call for me to scale back, and repeat “Week 4” numbers of my 6 week block for the rest of prep. These are still very challenging weights to retain muscle size and strength, but manageable as I continue to cut calories. I’m currently doing cardio six days a week, but no more than 40 minutes at a time.

I will probably do a short post tomorrow to update with pictures at 12 days out. We’re getting close, guys!


NPC Bikini Prep: 3 Weeks Out

Remember last week when I said I had zero energy, was having trouble getting through my workouts, and felt like garbage, but didn’t have time to get sick?

Well, I got really sick.

I ended up with a full-blown sinus infection that traveled to my upper respiratory system. I emailed my coach before I headed to the doctor, asking if I should train as normal, do cardio only, or take a rest day (yes, I was ready to bundle up & go to the gym after my doctor’s appointment). He responded shortly with “I would like to see you take a complete rest day. Use training day macro’s to ensure you recover. Get some rest, watch a movie and sleep. Let your body get well.” And then I cried because I have the best coach ever and I get emotional when I’m sick.

After that one day of rest and 24 hours of antibiotics, I’m back at it and am keeping my momentum until the end! Last week I was 155.2lbs. This week I weighed in at 153.5lbs.

3 Weeks Out

3 weeks out


Lunches this week consist of oven-roasted lemon-garlic broccoli, broiled chicken breast marinated in lemon juice, pepper, & garlic, and baby red potatoes.

chicken meals

Dinners will be taco salads with Laura’s 96% Lean Beef, salsa, guacamole – the whole nine yards! I seriously can’t believe how much food I still am eating at 3 weeks out.

For treats (and pre-workout meals) I baked some Macro Friendly Brownies, recipe can be found here.

brownies close up

M E A L S (1)

Training remains the same with next week being my “PR Week”. I’m struggling to continue increasing the weight lately, so we’ll see if I’m able to hit my goal numbers.

I also had an extra cardio session of my choice added, just to make sure we’re doing everything possible to lean out these last few weeks. Being so close to the stage,  my workouts have been extremely motivated to bring my best push to the finish-line! That being said, I’m very curious what my “peak week” will look like this year – I’m sure it will be very different than the 2 hours of daily cardio I put myself through last year…

Until next week!


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